In the ever-evolving world of technology, trading in old devices for newer models or simply for a financial return is becoming increasingly popular. Two notable entities in this sphere are Apple’s Trade-In service and ManMade Cycle’s Trade-In platform. Their policies and benefits, however, differ in several significant ways. Flexible Payout Options with ManMade Cycle: While ManMade Cycle provides the freedom to choose from a range of payout methods like PayPal, bank transfer, or a ManMade Cycle gift card, Apple limits users to receiving payouts in the form of an Apple gift card. For many, especially those not exclusively purchasing Apple products, this limitation might seem restrictive. Increased Trade-In Value with ManMade Cycle: On average, ManMade Cycle offers an impressive 40% more trade-in value than Apple’s Trade-In service. This discrepancy becomes even more pronounced when considering high-end devices or trading in multiple items. Speedier Payments with ManMade Cycle: Waiting for a week might not be convenient for everyone, especially when ManMade Cycle promises payments within just 8 business hours of finalizing the trade-in offer, whereas Apple keeps you waiting longer. More Inclusive Device Acceptance with ManMade Cycle: Unlike Apple, which limits its buyback to devices in used, working condition, ManMade Cycle […] read more